All Keepers are Fools


Some things to know about being a Keeper of a Long File Name of Dreams: ~ Never underestimate the Power of your position. ~ Never overestimate your power as a Keeper. ~ If you get lost wandering the Libraries where the Dreams are stored, all the better. Aim for lost and wandering; you will then be found by the very thing you were looking for. ~ Remember, the Dreams and all of the Dream Denizens are alive and knowing. ~ As a Keeper, your task is sacred, and you are one in a long line of Keepers. It is a fine and wise lineage. ~ All Keepers are Fools. ~


~ Keepers welcome Daydreams, Visions, Reveries, and Nightmares. ~ Keepers are not to attempt analysis, interpretation, judging, valuing, direction, or any other actions pertaining to the Dreams in your care. ~ Your job is solely to record the Long File Name of the Dreams. ~ Trust that the Dreams will instruct the Dreamer. ~ Wait for the Dreamer to give you its Name. Make no attempt to name the Dream yourself. I repeat: Wait for the Naming from the Dreamer. This is vital. ~ You may name the images but be sure to elicit the assistance of the Dreamer. ~ The language between Dream and Dreamer is singular. ~ Here we have for example: Music's Silent Wings The Dear Ones Herd of Horned Ones Old Door. New Threshold. Ancient Pages. Indigo Blue Goddess with Daimons. ~ This is all you need to know. Go with that. Your job is vital to the Cosmos. Be sure you do not take it at all seriously. ~ All Keepers are Fools. ~